Your specialist for HFI and Spiral Welded Carbon Steel Line Pipe

Mannesmann delivers a wide range of welded pipe suitable for use in the most demanding conditions.
Our products are manufactured in accordance with specific project specifications and international standards.

Mannesmann offers comprehensive coating solutions for oil and gas pipelines and other tubular applications.

Coating is supplied through our mill applied MAPEC or by other U.S. coaters in our provider network.


The HFI Welded process

HFI welded steel pipe has been used successfully for decades in technically demanding applications and severe service conditions. Line pipe designed for high operating pressures ensures reliable transportation and distribution of gas, oil, water and other product. Welded steel pipe is an indispensable structural element. It makes the exploration and extraction of essential resources possible and is also a critical element in machinery and plant construction.

Our development efforts focus on the quality and safety of welded pipe. Our process begins with rigorous material inspection, and then we implement 100 percent production monitoring using advanced testing methods and state-of-the-art equipment. At completion there is a thorough final inspection.

These procedures ensure that the properties of our steel pipes meet the most exacting requirements.

The HTS process

We implemented our two-step manufacturing process (HTS Technology) in 1986 and are continuously improving and developing it. The main difference between HTS Technology and conventional spiral pipe production is that the manufacturing is deliberately separated into two steps.

Mannesmann Grossrohr GmbH’s HTS process comprises:
1. Pipe forming with continuous tack welding
2. Internal and external submerged arc welding at separate welding stations

By separating the process steps, speeds of up to 15 m/min can be achieved in the pipe forming stage. Pipe geometry is not affected by the submerged arc welding process. This ensures excellent tolerances at maximum output. The use of process automation for the submerged arc welding of pipe that has been previously tack-welded for stability is an additional guarantee for the consistently high quality of the weld seam.

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