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Discrete Plate
Conditions: As Rolled, Normalized, or Quenched and Tempered

Salzgitter produces plate at our mill in Ilsenburg, Germany with an annual capacity of 800,000 tons. Ilsenburg can roll plates up to a maximum of 6.89 inch thick, 137 inch wide, and 945 inch in length, with a maximum plate weight of 45,190 lbs.

Ilsenburg produces over 350 grades of plate including some of the most sophisticated Wear Resistant Plate, Cryogenic Pressure Vessel Plate, and Offshore Plate Grades.

Our reputation for quality and the variety of applications we offer have made us one of the leading heavy plate manufacturers in Europe.

Our process of integrated management (IMS) has reinforced and expanded our core principles of excellence in the areas of quality, occupational safety, and environmental protection management.

In addition to our own mill’s plate products, we provide plate from a number of trading partner mills within our global trading network.

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